Abigail Liebhart, Man Eater, 2020, Prismacolor on cardboard.
What's it like to be a woman in a mans world?  Somedays, I am not too sure because I feel as though I am living in a world of my own.  I do know, however, that there is nothing more sobering than realizing that the world does not see you in the way you see yourself.  The male gaze penetrates our lives so deeply that daily routines are structured around catering to a standard created by an outside source.  How can you truly know yourself when who you are is the person you have created to please the world?  
Man Eater is an image about power imbalances.  In this world, women have been made to feel like the inferior sex, to a point where it is now ingrained in our minds.  In this artwork I create a reality where the power balance is flipped, and a woman holds the control.  Although I probably would not eat a man, it is fun to dream about it.

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