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Abigail Liebhart is a graduate from the University of Rochester who received a dual degree in Studio Arts and Business Analytics. She specializes in medium-to large-scale paintings and also works in sculpture, printmaking, photography, performance art and digital art. She has exhibited at FrontiSpace and the AsIsGallery, and in 2019 she completed a commissioned mural in the iZone in Rush Rhees Library. 

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Artist Statement
Abigail Liebhart’s primary language of communication is paint. For her, art is a reflection of the images in her mind that she struggles to express through words and speech. Her work aims to help her decipher her inner world. She explores the therapeutic role of art and hopes to inspire others begin to question themselves as well.  Many of her paintings include the depiction of figures in a dreamscape, using techniques like light acrylic washes over dark layers and high contrasting colors to achieve surreal effects. During recent works, she delves deeper into herself, in attempts to take control of the lens through which she is seen and depicts imagery that represents her unadulterated self. Her subject matter does not shy from the grotesque, raw, and unsettling. Just as she uses her art to face herself, she hopes to help those who view her work become familiar with their own fears.
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